3D Printer Parts

3D Printer Parts and 3D Scanner Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

3D printers allow you to take 3D digital models and create physical copies. When you need to replace or upgrade 3D printer parts and accessories, you can find a wide range of options when you browse on eBay. Here is some information to consider when searching for affordable 3D printer parts.

What types of parts are available for your 3D printer?
  • Print bed: A printing bed can come in a wide range of materials such as garolite, glass, and plastic. Some print beds will be heated to lessen the amount of warping caused by some print materials.
  • Extruder nozzle: The type of extruder nozzle used depends on the filament materials used in the 3D printer. There are two main types of extruders: direct and Bowden. The difference between the two is how the filament is fed through the printer.
  • Motherboard: This component helps to regulate the temperature, motors, and other parts of the 3D printer. Some motherboard options will have additional features such as Wi-Fi to monitor and control the printer remotely.
  • Stepper motor: When selecting new stepper motors, you will want to consider the size and step angle of the motors. Some other considerations include its rated current and holding torque.
What types of filament are available?
  • ABS: This type of 3D printer plastic is designed for builds that need strength and flexibility and comes in a wide range of colors.
  • PLA: PLA filament is made from biodegradable plastic and is designed for use without a heated bed. PLA filament can come in translucent and glow in the dark colors.
  • PVA: PVA filaments are another type of biodegradable plastic that can be dissolved in water. This style is generally used in conjunction with another filament to create support for larger prints.
  • Nylon: is a type of synthetic polymer that is lightweight, wear-resistant and flexible in design. This type is designed specifically for 3D printers that can provide a higher melting temperature.
  • TPE: TPE filament is designed to not require a heated bed and can be flexible and elastic.
What is a 3D printer and scanner?

A 3D printer and scanner is a machine that is a combination of a 3D printer and a 3D scanner. These machines can be obtained separately or as a combination. The two machines complete the following tasks:

  • 3D printer: A 3D printer takes a 3D digital image and creates a physical version of it layer by layer until the finished product is complete. Many 3D printers use a plastic filament as a material for the model.
  • 3D scanner: A 3D scanner uses a series of cameras and lasers to capture a 3D image of a model. This allows the model to be imported digitally to a computer to be modified or reproduced.